Current Apparatus





This unit is a 2003 Spartan MountainStar AWD Chassis 6-Man Cab, PA Fire Apparatus body. It has a 1500 GPM Waterous pump, 750 Gallon Poly-Tank, and a 20 Gallon Internal Foam Tank (80gal foam on rig). This unit carries 1200 feet LDH, 200 feet 2 1/2" hose, (1) 300 foot 2 1/2 pre-connect off the rear, a trashline on the officer’s side, (1) 1 3/4 foam crosslay, (2) 1 3/4 crosslays, (1) 2 1/2 crosslay, 700 feet of 1 inch forestry line dry loaded, 14' roof and 24' extension ladders, Portable monitor, 6 KW Kubota diesel generator, 200 ft electrical reel & portable lighting, Brush fire equipment, AED and EMS equipment, Thermal Imaging Camera, Gas Meter, RIT Equipment, HURST combo-tool and gas simo power unit, cribbing, both an electric and cordless sawz-all, fluid leak kit, salvage tarps, Hi-Dri/Peat Sorb, brooms, shovels, hand tools, PWs and Dry Chem extinguishers, (4) PFD vests, rescue and utility rope, (6) MSA SCBA's with (6) spare cylinders, 12" Cut-off, Chain and Quick Vent saws, light-weight stokes basket.






This unit is a 2003 Pierce Enforcer 6 man cab, and was purchased from Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue in Franklin County.  This unit is equipped with Hurst rescue tools, including a combi tool pre-connected on the front bumper, O-Cutters pre-connected on the driver's side, spreaders, long and medium ram, Hurst portable power unit, Vetter air bags, various lengths and sizes of cribbing, Junk Yard Dog rescue struts (4 long, 4 short), Will-Burt Nightscan light tower, Onan PTO generator, Space Saver air cascade, Warn 9000lb winch (able to be mounted on all 4 sides), 3 electric reels (both sides and front bumper), electric sawz-all (preconnected in front bumper), battery powered sawz-all, (1) 6' pike pole, (4) 4' NY hooks, (2) 6' NY hooks, (3) sets of irons, (1) sledge irons, (1) 4' drywall hook, (2) gator hooks, (3) TNT tools, (2) 8' Eckert hooks, (5) 10' pike poles, (1) 8' pike pole, (1) 4' pike pole, (2) 6' LA trash hooks, (1) pick head axe, (1) Hooligan bar, battering ram, hydra ram, duckbill lock breaker, set of elevator keys, K tool, (3) ABC extinguishers, (1) CO extinguisher, (3) PW's, (7) portable lights, (2) attic ladders, A-frame/extension ladder, roof ladder, water rescue kits, (2) farm jacks, (3) bolt cutters, (1) cable cutter, Lock Out kit, Hi-Dry, Peat Sorb, Hazmat pigs and pads, Shop vac, (2) squeeges, (5) shovels, various PVC pipe, (2) brooms, various tool boxes, (2) coolers, (9) spare SCBA cylinders, air reel, air chisel, SKED stretcher, KED board, EMS first-in bag, trauma bag, AED, Porta-Power, RIT pack, RIT search kit, (2) rope bags, various electrical adaptors, various lengths and sizes of chain, various tarps, portable sump pump, trash can, PPV fan, misting fan, (2) box fans, K12 saw, (2) chain saws, vent saw, (2) leaf blowers, Honda EU3000i portable generator, stokes basket, folding backboard, Thermal Imaging Camera, 4-Gas meter, (6) MSA SCBA, (8) box lights, (5) hand lights.  This unit serves as the only rescue squad in the upper end of Adams County.





This unit is a 1998 International / S&S elliptical tanker. The unit is equipped with a 1250 GPM pump, 2200 gallons of water, (1) 10 inch rear dump and (2) 8 inch side dumps. It has (2) 1 3/4 cross lays and (1) 2 ˝ cross lay, 300 feet of 3 inch hose supply hose and other numerous sections of hose.  It is also equipped with a 2500 gallon dump tank, (2) MSA SCBA's, and 14' roof ladder.







This unit is a 2006 Ford F350 Crew Cab 4x4 pickup that carries manpower and is mainly utlilized for medical assist calls. It is also used to pull UTV 6, Rehab 6 and the Adams County HAZ-MAT spill trailer housed at our station.  It is equipped with Dry Chem extinguishers, PW extinguisher, brush fire equipment, EMS equipment, portable electric trash pump, flares, traffic cones, misc. hand and forcible entry tools, chain saw and spotlight.







This unit is a 2007 Polaris Ranger 4x4 with a custom built EMS skid unit (built by Ivan Bretzman, Mt. Holly Springs, PA). UTV 6 is hauled in a 2008 18” Car-mate enclosed utility trailer. It can carry a two person EMS crew and a patient fully-immobolized on a long board in a stokes basket, and is primarily utilized to extricate subjects from limited access areas.  UTV 6 also includes a sled unit that can be pulled behind any ATV, and is equipped to carry 1 immobilized patient and a EMS caregiver.





This unit is a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, used primarily for transportation to trainings and other events




"The Zebra" 



This unit is a 2008 Chevy/LifeLine ambulance equipped with all PA Department of Health required equipment and supplies, and serves in our Ambulance/MICU rotation.




"The Candy Cane" 



This unit is a 2006 Ford/PL Custom ambulance equipped with all PA Department of Health required BLS equipment and supplies, and is used in our normal ambulance/MICU rotation.





"The Pumpkin" 



This unit is a 2004 Ford F-450/Horton 4WD Type I ambulance equipped with all PA Department of Health required equipment and supplies.  In addition to being a regular EMS unit, this unit serves as our bariatric unit, and is equipped with a winch, ramps and a heavy duty bariatric stretcher for patients larger/heavier than our normal stretchers are rated for.




This unit is used at large-scale events, such as the Apple Harvest Festival, and can be called to fire scenes and other emergencies if needed to provide rehab services.



SPILL 41-2


This unit is a spill control trailer that is housed at our station, and owned by the Adams County Department of Emergency Services.  It carries a large amount of absorbent and spill containment equipment and is used for incidents where large fluid spills have occurred or may have the potential to occur.




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