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Recent News


6/30/14 - Rescue 6 and Ambulance 6A were alerted at 1716 hrs on the initial assignment with Co. 7 for a vehicle accident with entrapment in the 1500 blk of Center Mills Rd.  Initial arriving units found an SUV into a pole, with wires and the top of the pole down on top of the vehicle, as well as a tractor trailer that had become involved in the wires.  The driver was treated and transported by EMS, but it was found that there was another patient apparently trapped under the dash.  Rescue 6 was assigned to bring all portable extrication equipment up to the scene, but then was advised to only bring manpower to assist.  The determination was made that no extrication could be done until Met-Ed arrived and secured the power.  In the meantime, LifeLion was landed at Co. 7 with Engine 6-2 handling the LZ, and the flight crew was brought to the scene.  Personnel stood by and continued to communicate with the patient to assess the situation, and once the power was secured, the vehicle was stabilized, a simple extrication was completed, and the patient was flown to an area trauma center.



6/29/14 - Rescue 6 and Ambulance 6A were alerted at 1810 hrs to assist Co. 5 with a motorcycle accident in the 1200 blk of Shippensburg Rd.  The rescue was cancelled while enroute, and the ambulance continued in and transported to an area trauma center.


Shortly after the rescue returned, ambulance 1A, Medic 28 and Co. 6 med assist were alerted for a diabetic patient on Biglerville Rd.  Service 6 was out the door quickly, and provided EMS care until the arrival of the ambulance and medic unit.



6/22/14 - At 1826 hrs, Co. 6 was alerted for an automatic fire alarm at 128 W Hanover St in the boro.  Deputy Chief 6 arrived just before the engine, reporting nothing showing from the exterior.  The engine arrived and investigated, finding a light smoke condition inside the residence, which was caused by burnt cooking.  The engine crew ventilated the residence and then returned to service.



6/20/14 - Co. 6, 6A and Medic 53 were alerted at 0842 to Clearview Ln for a cardiac arrest.


At 1040, Engine 6-2 was alerted to assist Co. 7 with a vehicle fire on a trailer; the engine was then cancelled before responding.



6/18/14 - Co. 6 was alerted at 1557 hrs for a car fire in box 6-8 on Old Carlisle Rd.  Engine 6-2 arrived and found a well involved car, and pulled a line to extinguish the fire.  Tanker 6, Service 6 and 6A also responded, and staged on the scene until released.

Video is available here



6/17/14 - Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A were alerted around 0630 this morning to the intersection of Carlisle Rd and Aspers-Bendersville Rd for a vehicle accident w/entrapment with Co. 7.  Units arrived to find a patient confined in the vehicle but not injured, and extricated the patient.

While units were operating on the first incident, County began receiving calls indicating that there was another MVA approximately 1/4 mile south of the original incident.  Command 7 was advised and Engine 7-2 and Rescue 6 responded from the first incident to investigate, and ambulance 9A was dispatched.  E7-2 and R6 arrived and and found multiple vehicles involved, with 1 into a tree, and requested ALS.  Ambulance 6A and Medic 53 cleared from the first call and handled this incident, and the patient was flown to a local trauma center via lifelion.


In the afternoon hours, with ambulance 6A out of the area on another call, Co. 6 med assist, ambulance 7A and Medic 28 were alerted for seizures at a residence across the street from Station 6.  Co. 6 personnel arrived and provided EMS care until the arrival of 7A and M28.  Thank you to ambulance 2A (Fairfield Fire-EMS) for transferring to Co. 6 while our EMS units were out!


Later, in the early evening, Engine 6-2 was alerted for an automatic fire alarm at OC Rice Equipment.  6A, on the air for fuel, responded and spoke with the manager of the facility and requested that the box be placed in service as E6-2 went responding. 


In addition to these, Co. 6 personnel took time out this evening for training night to take a tour of the International Paper facility located in the boro.


6/16/14 - Tanker 6 was alerted in the early afternoon on the working fire dispatch in box 27-7 in the 6000 block of Chambersburg Rd.  First alarm units arrived to a well-involved structure, and were able to bring the fire under control quickly.

Photos of the incident are available at 911 Photography

Unfortunately, the family involved in this fire lost everything, and did not have insurance to cover the loss.  Co. 27 is working to assist in the recovery effort, and is asking for donations of the following clothing items:
10 year old BOY, Size 10
7 year old GIRL, Size 8
2 Year old GIRL, Size 18-24 month
Mother: 7/8 pants and Med-Large

Please contact Chief 27 (677-9234 ext 2 or 677-0870) or a Member of Buchannan Valley Fire Dept if you can assist. The kids also lost all their toys and their pets. Thank You for your Assistance!



6/9/14 - At 1640 hrs, Deputy Chief 6 radioed County reporting a motorcycle accident on Arendtsville Rd at Yellow Hill Rd with a patient down in the roadway.  As County dispatched the call, the DC requested airmedical, and assigned 6A and Rescue 6 to respond to the scene, and Engine 6-2 to handle the LZ at the Biglerville High School.  Units arrived and assessed and packaged the patient, and 6A transported to the LZ and transferred care to LifeLion.



6/8/14 - Some Co. 6 members took advantage of a unique training opportunity, along with Co. 1 and Co. 5.  With the Gettysburg Middle School scheduled for demolition, school district officials and Co. 1 worked together to provide an opportunity for area fire departments to train together.  Personnel trained on hoseline advancement, search/rescue, truck ops, forcible entry and elevator operations.  Special thanks to GASD and Co. 1 for this opportunity!




6/7/14 - At 0318 hrs, Co. 6 and Medic 53 were alerted for an industrial rescue at Knouse Foods in the boro.  Rescue 6, 6A and Deputy 6 arrived and found a subject with his hand trapped in a machine in the plant and started to work with wrenches and sockets to dismantle the machine.  Engine 6-2 arrived and assisted with the extrication.  After approximately 1 hour of work, the patient was freed from the machine and turned over the crew of LifeLion and flown to an area trauma center.


At 1555 hrs, Rescue 6 and Ambulance 6A were alerted for a vehicle accident in box 5-9.  With units enroute, Command 5 held the assignment to Co. 5 and 6A.


5/30-6/1 - A few members took Rescue 6 to participate in a Heavy Vehicle Stabilization and Extrication class held by Mid-Atlantic Technical Rescue and hosted by United Hook & Ladder #33; this is the same type of training held by Co.7 last year.  The Evening Sun has a nice article here.



5/20/14 - Members spent training night practicing vehicle rescue skills on a vehicle donated by one of our members.



5/17/14 - Engine 6-2 transferred to Frederick County, MD Station 6 while they held their annual Spring Fling fundraiser.  The engine stood by with crews from Thurmont, MD and Leesburg, VA and had a quiet day.



5/6/14 - Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A responded on box 7-6 for a vehicle accident reported with entrapment.  Units found a box truck on its side, and Co. 6 and Engine 7-1 assisted the driver with self-extrication before returning to service.

Later in the morning, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A conducted a fire prevention detail for Biglerville preschool students



5/4/14 - 4 members completed Pumps 1, hosted by Co. 7.



4/26/14 - Rescue 6 responded for RIT on the second alarm for a house fire in Fairfield Boro.  Upon arrival, the Rescue crew staged as RIT and then was assigned to assist with overhaul.



4/22/14 - Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A responded to box 5-6 for a vehicle accident.  With units enroute, an officer from Co. 5 went on the scene reporting 1 subject confined in the vehicle.  Engine 5-1 popped the door just prior to the rescue's arrival, and both crews assisted with extricating the patient and packaging with EMS.



4/14/14 - Tanker 6 was alerted at 1701 hrs for an electrical fire in South Middleton Twp, Cumberland County on Pine School Rd, and was out the door right away.  At 1705 hrs, Engine 6-2 was alerted to assist Co. 7 with a woods fire on Center Mills Rd.   Engine 6-2 responded quickly, and upon arrival the engine crew assisted with cutting a fire line and extinguishing the fire.  After initial extinguishment, crews worked on extensive mop-up.  Tanker 6 was cancelled by Cumberland County and then also responded to the woods fire.  Ambulances 6A, 6A1 and 7A also assisted on the scene.  Thanks to the Vigilant Hose Co. of Emmitsburg, MD for the initial transfer of Engine-Tanker 64, and also Co. 27 (Buchanan Valley) for transferring Engine 27 to our quarters after ET 64 was called to the scene.  Early in the incident, FF Huff was struck by a falling tree and was airlifted to an area trauma center; 2 other firefighters from other companies were transported to local hospitals later in the incident. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, brother Huff- we are hoping for a speedy recovery!



4/13/14 - Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 responded to assist Co. 1 on the box assignment for a brush fire involving a shed on Cedar Ave.  The engine arrived and sent its crew up to assist with overhaul.

(Brush fire photos by Bill McLaughlin)


Shortly after units returned from the box, Co. 6 and Engine 5-1 were alerted for a vehicle accident at Main and York streets in box 6.  6A and Rescue 6 were out the door right away, and arrived to find 2 vehicles involved, blocking the roadway with 1 patient laying on the sidewalk.  Units worked on hazard control and EMS, and Engine 5-1 was diverted to a brush fire in their own box.



3/20/14 - Co. 6, Engine 7-1, ambulance 7A and Medic 53 were dispatched for a vehicle accident with entrapment in the 800 blk of Heidlersburg Rd in box 6-8.  Units arrived to find a pickup truck vs sedan head-on, with the truck on its roof and major damage to both vehicles.  Crews found 3 patients entrapped in the sedan, and the 2 occupants of the truck already self-extricated.  Rescue 6 and Engine 6-2 went to work to free the patients in the car, removing the roof, laying down both sides and performing a dash push.  As EMS triaged the patients, it was found that one patient was class 4, and the other 2 were class 1, and requested additional ALS and BLS units.  2 patients were flown to an area trauma center, and 2 more were taken by ground to local hospitals.  Co. 6 units remained on the scene to assist the Franklin County Coroner (Adams not available) and provide lighting for PSP to begin their investigation.  Our condolances go out to the families of those affected by this incident.


Unit Rundown:
Engines 6-2, 7-1, 25-2(LZ)
Rescue 6
Ambulances 6A, 7A, 1A, 1A1(cancelled), 9A, 33A

Medics 53, 28, 51

LifeLion 3, STAT 13

Franklin County Coroner

Traffic 1, Squad 25, various other Fire Police



3/13/14 - UTV 6 was alerted at 2229 hrs for a search detail in box 33-8.  Units searched the area for an individual who was reported to have run away from home; this individual was found on the other side of the county a few hours later.



3/12/14 - Rescue 6 was alerted on the first alarm for an odor of smoke at the Wyndham Hotel in box 1-8-30.  Rescue 6 arrived and sent its crew inside to assist with investigation.  After investigation, it was determined that the smoke odor was coming into the hotel from a nearby campground, and the box was placed in service.



3/2/14 - Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A were alerted for a vehicle accident in box 5-9 at the intersection of Shippensburg Rd and Pine Grove Rd.  Rescue 6 was placed in service while responding, and the box was held to Engine 5-1 and 6A to respond non-emergency.



3/1/14 - Co. 6 was dispatched on the first alarm at 0711 hrs for a grain elevator fire in box 25-7.  Co. 6 units staged on scene before being released at 0823, when it was discovered that the problem was a burnt up bearing in the elevator.


Once units returned from the box alarm, personnel completed annual HazMat Ops refresher training.


At 1611 hrs, the pre-alert dropped for box 25-7 at 575 Center Mills Rd.  After dispatch, county corrected the box to the correct 6-8 box, and Asst Chief 25 went on the scene with a working fire.  Engine 7-2 arrived first and stretched lines on the house, with Engine 6-2 arriving 1 minute later and worked on establishing a dump site at the intersection of Old Carlisle Rd and Center Mills Rd.  Personnel worked on extinguishment and overhaul, and were able to save 1 dog from the house, but unfortunately 1 other dog perished and was found later.  Units operated for approximately 2.5 hours before the box was placed in service.


Unit Rundown:
Engines: 4-1, 6-2, 7-1, 7-2, 9-1, 25-2

Tankers: 4, 6, 9, 25, E10-2

Tower 5, Truck 1

Rescues: 6, 33(RIT)

Ambulances: 1A, 6A, 9A


Additional photos available at 911 Photography

Photos below by the Evening Sun



2/23/14 - Engine 6-2 assisted Co. 1 with a chimney fire in box 1-6-30.  Units operated for approximately 45 minutes before returning to service.



2/20/14 - The pre-alert dropped at 1545 hrs for an electrical fire at 70 Clear View Ln in box 6-5-30.  Engine 6-2, Tanker 6 and ambulance 6A arrived on the scene together with normal conditions from the exterior; the occupant of the house advised that he had an electrical outlet in the basement that was melted and smoking, but that he had turned off the breaker and everything looked okay.  Personnel investigated with the thermal imager and found no hazardous conditions present; the box was held to Co. 6 and Tower 5.  After further investigation, the box was placed in service.



2/17/14 - Units were alerted at 0132 for a barn fire at 362 Dug Hill Rd.  Asst 6 (MacBeth) arrived on scene just after dispatch and found a working barn fire.  Engine 7-2 arrived, stretched lines and worked on extinguishment.  Rescue 6 staged and provided lighting, and manpower assisted with overhaul of the lean-to structure; Tanker 6 assisted with water supply.


2/15/14 - Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 were alerted at 0342 hrs on the Working Fire Dispatch for 2630 Hunterstown-Hampton Rd in box 10-2.  Both units arrived on the scene and staged with other personnel before being placed in service.


Photos from this incident are available at 911 Photography


2/5/14 - Co. 6 was dispatched in the evening hours for an outside odor of gas at 318 Guernsey Rd.  Engine 6-2 arrived, metered around the entire outside of the house, focusing on the gas meter and service entry points, and found nothing and noted no odor.



2/1/14 - Units were dispatched to 62 E York St in the boro for an inside odor of gas.  Engine 6-2 arrived and metered the residence, with no findings on the meter and no odor noted; the box was then placed in service.


1/22/14 - The pre-alert dropped at 1931 hrs for an oven fire in box 6-6 on Schrivers Corner Rd.  Deputy Chief 6 (Leedy) arrived on scene and investigated, reporting no active fire, and held the box to companies 6 and 5.  Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 arrived on scene and assisted the DC with investigation, finding that the resident had accidentally turned the oven to the "cleaning cycle" with pots and pans still in side the oven, causing the rubber and plastic components to ignite while inside the oven.  The engine crew worked to unlock and clear out the oven, and checked for extension before returning to service.


1/21/14 -  Rescue 6, Ambulance 6A and Service 6 w/Spill 41-2 responded to assist on a tractor trailer fire with hazmat at the Knouse Foods Orrtanna plant in box 4-3.  First in units encountered a tractor trailer on fire involvoing various hazardous materials, including Toluene.  Units operated on the scene for approximately 6 hours to mitigate the situation.


1/4/14 -  Rescue 6 and Tanker 6 responded on the first alarm for a mobile home fire in box 4-6 on Hilltown Rd.  Co. 6 units arrived and staged on scene before being placed in service.


1/1/14 -  Co. 6 units were alerted just after 0400 hrs to assist Co. 1 with a vehicle accident with entrapment in box 1-6 at the intersection of Biglerville Rd and Herrs Ridge Rd.  Rescue 6 and Rescue 1 worked together on stabilization and extrication, pulling the Hurst tools and removing the roof to gain access to the patient.  6A assisted 1A with patient care on 2 patients, and Engine 6-2 handled a landing zone at Biglerville Rd and Goldenville Rd for STAT 13 and LifeNet 8-1.


12/31/13 - Engine 6-2 performed the annual standby for New Year's Eve at Lincoln Square in Gettysburg Boro.  After the fireworks were over, the engine crew performed the customary walk around the block to check for hotspots or fires caused by the fireworks.  The crew encountered a trash can on fire against a house, extinguished it and notified the resident of the house.  The rest of the block check went without incident, and the engine returned to service.




2013 Archive Incidents





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